Monday, June 10, 2013

3 Benefits

Some Benefits of Tile Flooring

Tile is a growing option amongst home owners and there are many reasons for this eruption of tile usage. Tile is a classic flooring that dates back to the BC era, and through the years it is making a resurgence. Tile holds many advantages over other forms of flooring and these 3 benefits of tile aim to make a case for that.

Healthy Alternative

As culture and societies have changed, so to have the flooring options and standards. For over half a century carpet had become the staple of any house, but over time more and more information about it's negative attributes come to light and cause the popular opinion shift to tile. Carpet can absorb and hold onto toxins, allergens, molds, mildews, virus strains and mildews. It is very cumbersome and difficult to clean these impurities out of carpet, this is where tile has the advantage. Til can be easily cleaned and the impurities sit on the surface where they can be easily eliminated. 

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleansing

As stated in the previous benefit the filth and impurities sit on the easy to access surface of the tile floor while with carpet it has permeated the carpet and pad beneath. Carpet needs to be deep cleaned with a steamer but even that will not get all of the impurities, the carpet pad underneath the carpet can absorb and store many of these impurities as well. Tile is a solid object made from hardened materials and therefore the impurities lie on the surface and can be simply wiped away with a mop or broom.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly

The materials that modern tile is composed of include many sustainable components such as glass, ceramic and porcelain. Carpet has much higher impact on the environment in its manufacturing process and also must be changed with time leaving a great deal of waste. Conversely tile is made from eco-friendly materials and is long lasting with much lower impact manufacturing.